Upcoming Shows

CD Release Party!

August 7

Come join us at the Minnesota Bluegrass festival for a CD release party in Sherwood Forest! General information about the festival here.

Richmond, MN


Backyard Bluegrass Concert

August 16

We're excited to perform a series of intimate concerts in backyards across the Twin Cities and into Wisconsin. Want us to perform in your yard too? Send us a message to learn more.

Minneapolis, MN

Happy Trucker Show LIVE

August 25

We'll be hanging out on the Happy Trucker show, doors will be open for visitors to come listen in

Brahm, MN

7-9 PM

Summer Music in the Park

August 26

Grab a lawn chair and join us for some music in the park!

Montgomery, MN

7-8:30 PM

Day Block Brewing Company

September 4

An evening of bluegrass with Brotherhood of the Birds!

Minneapolis, MN

An Evening of Bluegrass at the Parkway Theater with the High 48s

November 6

We can't wait for this great show with the one and only High 48s!

Minneapoilis, MN

8:00 PM

Harold's House Party

November 17

Join us at the 331 in Northeast Minneapolis after we appear on Harold's House Party on KFAI community radio

Minneapolis, MN

Sounds of Spirit Lake

July 16

Grab a lawn chair and join us for some music in the park!

Menhaga, MN

Backyard Bluegrass Concert

July 18

This event is held at a private residence. For information about how to attend, contact us!

Northfield, MN

4:00 PM


July 22-25

Milaca's annual bluegrass festival held in Milaca's historical recreational park. This four day event features some of the region's most noted bluegrass bands and musicians, educational workshops, instrumental jam sessions, food and beverage vendors.

Milaca, MN

all day event

Harmony in the Park

July 28

Grab a lawn chair and join us for some music in the park!

Lindstrom, MN